From our fields to your hands

Land Growers Chile es una exportadora de frutos secos y nueces chilenas. Trabajamos conjuntamente con los principales agricultores de Chile, los cuales nos proveen con los mejores productos.

Transparency, ethics and meritocracy

Land Growers Chile strives to export high quality dried fruits and nuts harvested by Chilean Growers that are offered fair prices, honest communication and optimal working conditions. Our vision is changing the way of doing business by not focusing on gaining the most but taking into account everyone in the value chain.

Growers we trust

Thanks to our transparent business model we are able to work together with the principal Growers from Chile that have years of experience and cultivate the products they know best. We know the Growers and they know us, this is why every year we see an increase in the amount of Growers that want to work together with us.

Quality you can count on

We believe that we are only able to offer the best products we gather high quality products from the start. This means using products from Growers with years of experience, processing them at certificated factories and making analyses to ensure the products live up to our standards.