Our Company

Land Growers Chile is a Chilean exporter of dried fruits and walnuts. We work together with the principal growers of Chile in order to provide you high quality almonds, walnuts, prunes, and raisins. Since 2010 we have been growing rapidly and currently we export to more than sixty countries worldwide. Our modern business model gives us the possibility to offer high quality dried fruits and walnuts at a competitive price.

The company was founded with the objective of exporting Chile´s finest dried fruits and walnuts meanwhile improving the working conditions of Chilean growers. Transparency, meritocracy and ethics are the pillars of our company and complement our vision of doing business in such a way that is beneficial for everyone. In the past years we have obtained a lot of knowledge about different cultures and necessities of every market, which helps to understand our buyers and their necessities to the fullest.

Agriculture Area

A good relationship with the growers is important in our company and every year more Chilean growers choose to work together with us. We strive to have a good relationship with all the growers through clear communication, transparent prices and a shorter period of payment. Our almonds, walnuts, prunes, and raisins are cultivated in the north and central zone of Chile. We invest in modern equipment to facilitate them and to create an efficient manner of producing.

Logistic Department

The logistic department is in charge of the planning and documentation of our shipments to our markets all over the world. Questions regarding this department can be send to [email protected]

Commercial Department

The commercial department focuses on international business by actively approaching new and current markets via promoting the company and customer attention. All inquiries regarding our products and offers can be send to [email protected]

Quality and Process Control Department

To ensure our quality and food safety we only work together with HACCP certificated facilities or a similar certification. Our quality and process control department makes analyses and controls of the quality of the products and plants from beginning until the end. Questions regarding certificates and processes can be send to [email protected]